A Short Photo Essay: Summer Shots

It hasn’t been a very prolific summer for me in terms of taking shots, but here are a few from the summer so far…



Through the crowded doorway

Fire Storm

of bondage

Trying Out His New Wheels


Speed Bump Ahead



Flight Path

A Short Photo Essay: Daddy’s Little Helper

This summer I built an addition to our existing deck, and Sam being the kind of kid that likes to help I had to oblige… None of the power tools were plugged in ;)

The Jig is Up


All Squared Up

Chop Saw

A Short Photo Essay: Vancouver by Phone Camera

Taken with my trusty Iphone 5!

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 43 32 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 31 22 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 03 10 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 1 45 05 AM

Photo 2014-03-23, 9 03 31 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 10 12 20 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 9 34 42 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 9 19 55 PM

A Short Photo Essay: Vancouver Shores

I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos on my recent trip to Vancouver, but I did manage a couple. I was blessed with a beautiful sunset out over English Bay as I took a stroll around the seawall in Stanley Park.


English Bay

I’m a sucker for planes…


A Short Photo Essay: It’s for the birds…

Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough is fast becoming my favourite place to visit. Sam and I went for a little nature walk on Saturday, and stopped to watch the Swans and ducks as they loitered around on the ice. It was great because I was able to get a lot closer than I normally would to the birds, and was able to get some nice shots!


Final Approach


Biting the Hand that feeds you

A Short Photo Essay: In the grip of the Polar Vortex…

It’s been cold here in Toronto and I mean really COLD! It’s made for some interesting lighting, and photo opportunities though, so it’s been worth braving the elements!

Frozen Ashbridges Bay.

Ashbridges Bay

It’s a Canadian Thing…

Very Canadian

The Sentinels




Frozen Waves


Planet Hoth

Snow Fence



A Short Photo Essay: Winter


Icy Fingers


Electric Ice


I’m not really sure why I decided to venture out on what was probably the coldest night of the year thus far, but it had been a while since I’d been out taking any shots.  Didn’t venture out too far, just down to Queen Street East in the Beach.  I did managee to get a couple of shots that I liked so it was worth it in the end!

The Fox Theatre - A mainstay for most beach folk.

The Fox

The Garden Gate Resautant -  Affectionately called “The Goof”  due to a malfunctioning sign that as far as I can tell, they’ve never fixed!

End of Shift

Family Fun at Forsythe Farms


Closing In

Mr. Cool

Sam's First Horse Ride

A Short Photo Essay: Fall!





The Watcher

Corn Rows