Derek Jeter at Bat

I took Sam to his first baseball game, which also happened to be the second last game that Derek Jeter would ever play in Toronto. The Blue Jays won! Sorry Jeter!

Swing and a miss! – August 30, 2014 at the Rogers Centre. The 2nd last game Derek Jeter played with the Yankees in Toronto before retiring later this year. Jays won 2-0

Jeter at Bat

The walk of shame – The Pitcher gets sent off… August 30, 2014 Jays vs. Yankees

Walk of Shame

A Short Photo Essay: Montreal

A few shots from our road trip this past summer.

Bonsecours Market

Headstones for Sale

The Looks

Boucherie Charcuterie

A Short Photo Essay: Summer Shots

It hasn’t been a very prolific summer for me in terms of taking shots, but here are a few from the summer so far…



Through the crowded doorway

Fire Storm

of bondage

Trying Out His New Wheels


Speed Bump Ahead



Flight Path

A Short Photo Essay: Daddy’s Little Helper

This summer I built an addition to our existing deck, and Sam being the kind of kid that likes to help I had to oblige… None of the power tools were plugged in ;)

The Jig is Up


All Squared Up

Chop Saw

A Short Photo Essay: Vancouver by Phone Camera

Taken with my trusty Iphone 5!

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 43 32 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 31 22 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 03 10 PM

Photo 2014-03-24, 1 45 05 AM

Photo 2014-03-23, 9 03 31 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 10 12 20 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 9 34 42 PM

Photo 2014-03-22, 9 19 55 PM

A Short Photo Essay: Vancouver Shores

I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos on my recent trip to Vancouver, but I did manage a couple. I was blessed with a beautiful sunset out over English Bay as I took a stroll around the seawall in Stanley Park.


English Bay

I’m a sucker for planes…


A Short Photo Essay: It’s for the birds…

Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough is fast becoming my favourite place to visit. Sam and I went for a little nature walk on Saturday, and stopped to watch the Swans and ducks as they loitered around on the ice. It was great because I was able to get a lot closer than I normally would to the birds, and was able to get some nice shots!


Final Approach


Biting the Hand that feeds you

A Short Photo Essay: In the grip of the Polar Vortex…

It’s been cold here in Toronto and I mean really COLD! It’s made for some interesting lighting, and photo opportunities though, so it’s been worth braving the elements!

Frozen Ashbridges Bay.

Ashbridges Bay

It’s a Canadian Thing…

Very Canadian

The Sentinels




Frozen Waves


Planet Hoth

Snow Fence



A Short Photo Essay: Winter


Icy Fingers


Electric Ice


I’m not really sure why I decided to venture out on what was probably the coldest night of the year thus far, but it had been a while since I’d been out taking any shots.  Didn’t venture out too far, just down to Queen Street East in the Beach.  I did managee to get a couple of shots that I liked so it was worth it in the end!

The Fox Theatre – A mainstay for most beach folk.

The Fox

The Garden Gate Resautant –  Affectionately called “The Goof”  due to a malfunctioning sign that as far as I can tell, they’ve never fixed!

End of Shift

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